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Missão Evangélica da Amazônia

Who we are

The Missão Evangélica da Amazônia - MEVA - is a private, philanthropic, non-profit organization that has been working with various indigenous people groups of the northern Amazon region since 1959.

Our vision is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ and facilitating the emergence of indigenous Bible-based churches.


MEVA operates in the following areas

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The infrastructure and administrative team of the mission is located at its headquarters in Boa Vista RR to facilitate the work of its missionaries living in isolated regions


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To promote effective communication our missionaries are encouraged to learn the mother tongue and culture of the people with whom they live and work
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To assist indigenous schools and teachers MEVA offers the help of educational consultants as well as logistical and practical support


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MEVA collaborates with indigenous health through the voluntary support of microscope technicians and dentists under the authorization of the responsible health authorities
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As a way of preserving the language and culture of each people group MEVA has been engaged in the translation of materials into their mother tongue
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MEVA offers biblical and contextualized teaching to various ethnic groups in the region for training the leadership of indigenous churches


Without the help and cooperation of other partner missions, MEVA would not be able to fulfill its mission to reach indigenous peoples with the Gospel. We work in partnership with the following institutions:


We have a team of missionaries from different Christian denominations, each sent and supported by their partner churches and supporters.

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Get involved

MEVA is an interdenominational missionary organization maintained entirely by voluntary and regular donations from churches and individuals committed to the Lord and His Kingdom. If you would like to get involved in some way to help us continue this work, click on the link below and see how you can do that.

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Get in touch

mailing address

Avenida Sebastião Diniz, 535

Centro - Boa Vista, Roraima

Zip Code 69301-040

South America, Brazil

phone numbers

+55 95 3224-1621

+55 95 98123-0032

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